Coinciding With God’s Plan

Kukua Asihene
Kukua Asihene

I love testimonies! I totally love the mystery behind situations that have absolutely nothing to do with man but everything to do with God. No cliché; ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Over the last couple of months, I had quite a number of experiences that although ‘accidental’, appeared planned. It wasn’t until I did a bit of reflection that I realised how God had a hand in everything even up until this point.

I studied architecture for six years. Four years doing the bachelor of science and two years doing the masters. Truth is, by the time I was done with the four-year course, I was so sure I was DONE with architecture. I mean what more could drain life out of a person? It was more stressful than anything I had ever done in my life. So towards the end of the four-year course, I had a plan. I decided I was going to offer national service for a year, then further architecture (if the desire wasn’t gone) the following year. Three days to the reopening for the masters program, (the continuation of the four-year course) my dad asked when I was leaving for school.

At this point I knew I had no choice. I applied for it with no plans of pursuing it at the time. I saw all my plans to escape ‘Ghanaian’ architecture come to nothing. Honestly, I was upset because I wasn’t ready for architecture physically psychologically, mentally,spiritually…….all the “ally’s lol. I just wasn’t ready to endure another two years of what I thought would be frustrating but I obeyed my dad anyway. On the contrary, those two years turned out the best ever. Better than the initial four years put together. I mean so good, if anyone asked me to relive any moment in my life, I’d replay those two years on slow motion. Architecture was great! My love for God even greater.

A couple of weeks ago, national service postings were released and I thought of a good firm I could work with. I mentioned it to my brother and asked him to help me apply for it. A colleague at his workplace took my portfolio to push the application. I really looked forward to working with the firm so much that I called my brother every other day to check with him. One day when I asked, He said ‘kukua the guy says the spot is taken. They picked someone else’. Disappointed isn’t even the right word to describe what I felt. I went straight into my room and poured out my heart to God.

The following morning, I picked up my phone to read messages I had missed the previous night. A friend sent a message saying a company had spots for people who wanted to work there. It turned out to be the exact company I had initially spoken to my brother about. ‘I thought they said all the spots were taken’. Without a second thought I decided to re apply. The following day, I received a call for an interview. Yes! your guess is right. I got the job!

Often times we place our plans in the hands of God, but hold back little pieces, juggling them with His piece, in attempt to create a perfect picture of what His plan should be. It’s only a matter of time then we’d realize Gods ways are better!

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out- plans to give you the future you hope for. When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen” Jeremiah 29:11-12 (MSG)”.

Be encouraged by the scripture. It Is Gods sure word to you.

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Kukua Asihene