A Certain ‘Breed’ of Men

Kukua Asihene
Kukua Asihene

Quite a lot of women put up with certain behaviours/traits/ habits in their relationships, often in attempt to keep their man. Here’s a few things possible for men not to do in a relationship.

-They don’t pursue you without declaring an intention to commit. ~ A double minded man is unstable in everything he does.

-They don’t date you and then have another close ‘female friend’ on the side. ~That creates unecessary tension in your relationship

-They don’t ignore your calls and give you reason to doubt their commitment. ~ What kind of lifestyle is that?

-They don’t mind giving you access to their phone. ~ Honest men usually don’t mind you invading their ‘privacy’.

-They don’t play ‘house’ (co-living before marriage)~ They understand that the place for co living is marriage. They will pay a price for it. 

-They don’t have a habit of talking to other girls in the middle of the night. ~ Why midnight though?

-They don’t put you in a place where you second guess their love for you. ~ Love is not a guess game.

-They don’t put you in a place where you feel any less of a woman/pretty/confident. ~A good a man builds his woman because he knows his place and is in no competition with her.

-They don’t constantly cause you hurt and pain. ~ What kind of love is that?

-They don’t hit you or inflict physical pain to your body. ~ He wants to be a kick boxer or something?

-They don’t make you fight or compete with other girls to keep your place in their life. ~ You are in a relationship not a contest.

-They don’t ask for sex as proof of love ~ Great sex is important to a man but it is never a deciding factor for a commitment.

-They don’t cheat because any man can do that. They try something more challenging like being faithful. ~ Know your value Hun.

Just in case you’re wondering, they exist.
Love x

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