Quite a lot of women put up with certain behaviours/traits/ habits in their relationships, often in attempt to keep their man. Here’s a few things possible for men not to do in a relationship.

-They don’t pursue you without declaring an intention to commit. ~ A double minded man is unstable in everything he does.

-They don’t date you and then have another close ‘female friend’ on the side. ~That creates unecessary tension in your relationship

-They don’t ignore your calls and give you reason to doubt their commitment. ~ What kind of lifestyle is that?

-They don’t mind giving you access to their phone. ~ Honest men usually don’t mind you invading their ‘privacy’.

-They don’t play ‘house’ (co-living before marriage)~ They understand that the place for co living is marriage. They will pay a price for it. 

-They don’t have a habit of talking to other girls in the middle of the night. ~ Why midnight though?

-They don’t put you in a place where you second guess their love for you. ~ Love is not a guess game.

-They don’t put you in a place where you feel any less of a woman/pretty/confident. ~A good a man builds his woman because he knows his place and is in no competition with her.

-They don’t constantly cause you hurt and pain. ~ What kind of love is that?

-They don’t hit you or inflict physical pain to your body. ~ He wants to be a kick boxer or something?

-They don’t make you fight or compete with other girls to keep your place in their life. ~ You are in a relationship not a contest.

-They don’t ask for sex as proof of love ~ Great sex is important to a man but it is never a deciding factor for a commitment.

-They don’t cheat because any man can do that. They try something more challenging like being faithful. ~ Know your value Hun.

Just in case you’re wondering, they exist.
Love x


6 thoughts on “A CERTAIN ‘BREED’ OF MEN

  1. i strongly believe they do exist .ladies don’t tolerate any attitude you cant deal with .if you can not deal with it in a relation ,you wont in marriage.NB a serious man is the man who helps you to fulfill your dreams and allows you to have your own network.i enjoyed reading this piece and picked a few pointers.;thanks


  2. My sister and I were just deliberating on this issue and the Holy Spirit just directed me to your IG page, this was the first post I opened and I was blown away. Thank you so much for this, exactly what we needed to see.

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  3. ‘They don’t play ‘house’ (co-living before marriage)’
    Love this part of your great piece. Most people are refusing to accept the fact that it’s just not done. Why would you be living together if you indeed want to avoid sex before marriage? I believe there are some real and good guys out there.
    Thanks for your piece


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