img_17101. He is the founder and general overseer of all Victory Bible Churches worldwide, with growing and thriving branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

2.His ministry has built a training institute called the Victory Bible Church Training Institute and a school in Avesive in the Volta Region of Ghana.

3.He has an audio podcast where all his weekly teachings can be found. Follow the link and subscribe.https://tackieyarboi.podbean.com/

4.He’s probably the most down to earth founding father you’d ever meet. When the spirit of God comes upon him, he breaks protocol and expresses himself as though he was a teenager. Check this video of him at Joe Mettle’s concert.

5.He’s very dynamic, creating a solid balance for his congregation. He encourages the church not only to pursue ministry but also to dominate in media, politics, business, education and economics.

6.He knows everyone by name. Just one conversation with him will leave a memory. He can possibly call 70% of his congregation members by name.

7.He is very concerned about the well being and relationship status of his youth. Expect the greeting ‘Any beloved?’ when you meet him.

8.He is unbelievably energetic. His passion for the youth is unquestionable. You would think a typical presiding overseer would not jump around or scream or throw his legs about. He does all these and more.

9.He has no protocol barriers to meet him. Yes! You can personally walk to him in the front after church service and speak to him.

10.He has three children and this is what they have to say about him.

Pastor Dr Nii Sorse Tackie Yarboi
“Wisdom is doing what your father does”


Nii Dromo Tackie Yarboi
There really is no one as cool as my father.

Rhoda Naa Ashardey Tackie Tarboi
“No matter your age you will never get nervous or shy around my dad. He is open to all issues and understands like no other”.

He is truly worthy of celebration.




  1. Very true my dear. Our Bishop remembers almost all the names of his congregation, no protocol when you want to see him. He will even walk to you and ask you about your father. He is really a special dad to me personally. God bless you my Bishop


  2. I met him at World Prayer Center,Prampram and i just love the man. You can never sit throughout his preaching. Before u know it,you are on your feet


  3. Absolutely spot on! Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world what we are privileged to know about & enjoy from our awesome Bishop.
    He is truly a gem to all Victorians and a one-of-a-kind blessing to the world. We must truly cherish him.


  4. He’s a very down to earth person indeed. Very affable and good at handling the word of God to the intent that the confused becomes enlightened. He actually opened my understanding and I understood what numbers and numberics meant.
    May his deepest insight into God’s word fall on this coming generation . Stay blessed n refreshed Bishop Tackle Yarboi.


  5. Very true. A great man of great impact. I love him soon much. especially for we the youths there is no great father on earth like him. Bishop I don’t know what to say again because a lot I have in mind.


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